17th International Conference on ADHD

April 20th & 21st 2024



Dear friends and colleagues,

You are cordially invited to the 17th International Conference on ADHD, taking place on April 20th & 21st 2024.

Diagnosing mental disorders such as ADHD is connected with the risk of stigmatization and many of our patients experience this in their daily lives. The concept of neurodiversity, which has gained significance in the last decade, can also be considered as a response to negative social-and self-perceptions of ADHD. In recent years, self-diagnoses on social media platforms such as TikTok have become more popular, with individuals openly identifying themselves as being affected by ADHD and increasingly finding positive aspects attached to this condition. At this year’s conference, we aim to shed light on the tension between stigmatization, neurodiversity, and positively connotated self-diagnoses. Furthermore, we want to discuss recent studies that take a closer look at the unmet needs of patients with ADHD and engage in an accompanying dialogue with you. Finally, we will address the question of whether such unmet needs can be at least partially satisfied by recent digital developments in the assessment and treatment of ADHD.

With an overarching goal of encouraging professional debate and scientific discussion, we look forward to you joining us in the conversation on this important matter that affects every one of us.

It is a great pleasure to welcome:

Emily Simonoff
Diane Purper-Ouakil
David Coghill
Manfred Döpfner
Anja Görtz-Dorten

Emily Simonoff (United Kingdom): How does a neurodiversity framework affect our approach to ADHD
Diane Purper-Ouakil (France): Stigmatization, ADHD-hype and social medi
David Coghill (Australia): Unmet needs of consumers with ADHD
Manfred Döpfner & Anja Görtz-Dorten (Germany): Digitally supported assessment and intervention in ADHD – a solution to unmet needs?
On Sunday morning, April 21st 2024: The enigma of sleep: Why we sleep – and why sleep is so important
Peter Spork (Germany)
We are looking forward to a lively conference and an inspiring exchange with you!



April 20th & 21st, 2024
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